Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacker Insurance for up to 2 years, and then you can still extend cover whilst you’re travelling

No return ticket required

Up to £10M Medical Cover

3 Activity Packs to choose from

Optional Baggage Cover

You’ve packed the rucksack, said goodbye to your mates, now for the boring bit – getting your backpacker insurance. Do you really need it? Well yes, you do and though it’s tempting to skip this bit, it won’t seem so dull if you need to be helicoptered off a mountain in Nepal and you don’t have the cash to pay for it!

So what kind of backpacker travel insurance do you need? Well, our clients told us what’s really important is good medical cover, but they also said they didn’t see the point in having to pay for baggage cover when the contents of their backpacks had seen better days, likewise, why have cancellation insurance if you’re not booking hostels and rooms in advance? We agreed and designed our policies especially for gap year and backpacker travellers, making sure you have the backpacker travel insurance you need, but keeping prices low at the same time.

Some of the many benefits of True Traveller Insurance include:

Medical and Repatriation cover to £10M

Cover for up to 18 months, and then you can extend at a discount if you need to

Free home visits

Claim on the road; hospital bills paid directly

No return ticket required

90 activities included as standard

So here it is our great value backpacker insurance that anybody can take out, with outstanding medical cover including medical repatriation to your home country, personal liability and personal accident cover as well as legal expenses. It also covers 90 activities as standard, including trekking to 2,500m with just a small supplement payable if you want to trek the Inca Trail or work (including WWOOFing) when you’re away. Oh, and if your backpacker travel insurance runs out when you’re sitting in an internet café in La Paz, you can arrange additional cover online. And if you’re already abroad and don’t have any insurance at all, we’ll still cover you as long as you’re normally resident in the UK or Europe.

The True Traveller was originally a travel company, not an insurance company, and although we believe we’ve designed the best value backpacker insurance we possibly can, we understand that the price of insurance does put people off taking it out to start with. Our maxim is, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.


Policy Download

To view the True Traveller Insurance policy wording please click on the image below:

Insurance Book
Note for old policies:

For policies purchased between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017 please click here

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To view our Policy Wording your computer requires Adobe Reader. If your computer does not yet have Adobe Reader installed then you can download it from here.

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Our Insurer

Your True Traveller Policy is insured by AWP P&C S.A., Dutch Branch, trading as Allianz Global Assistance Europe, part of the Allianz Group, one of the world’s largest insurance companies.


According to Forbes Magazine, Allianz are even bigger than Microsoft, so you’ll be in good hands!

Already Travelling – No Problem

If you’ve already started travelling, and you previous insurance has run out, or you simply forgot before you left to take out travel insurance, you can simply apply online and get cover immediately.

Do however note, if you have already lost an item of baggage, have already seen a medical professional or are feeling ill or have been injured and about to see a medical professional, then we can’t help. Insurance is there to assist you in the event that something may happen, not for things which have already happened.

91 Activities as standard

Your Traveller Policy includes 91 activities as standard, which includes Bungee Jumping, Horse Riding, Safari Touring, Scuba diving to 18M and lots more activities you may end up partaking in on your trip. We even include non-manual work if you’re on a Working Holiday, and include bar and restaurant work as well.

We have our Adventure Pack and Extreme Adventure Pack you can select when you apply for your Insurance with us, which covers even more activities, to even include Rock Climbing, Trekking to unlimited altitudes as well as light manual labour again if you’re on a Working Holiday.

24/7 Medical Assistance Service

If you have an accident on your trip and end up in Hospital, we have a team at Intana Global in London who have multi-lingual staff and medical professionals on duty, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call them from overseas on +44 20 7183 3751, or if you’re in the USA or Canada, you can also call toll free on 1 800 457 7930.

They will be able to assist you and get your medical bills paid, and in cases where it’s medically necessary, arrange to fly you back home for further medical attention.

Choose your Activity Pack

The Traveller Pack is included as standard on all our policies. However you can upgrade to more adventurous activities to ensure you are covered when undertaking these activities. If there’s an activity not listed, just contact us and we will see if we can get it included for you.

Traveller Pack
Abseiling Aerobics
Archery Athletics
Badminton Ballet
Banana Boating Baseball
Basketball Black Water Rafting (grades 1-3)
Bowls Bungee Jumping (2 jumps)
Camel riding (day tour) Canoeing (inland/ coastal – grades 1-3)
Caving (sightseeing/ tourist attraction) Recreational Visit only Cheerleading
Clay pigeon shooting Cricket
Croquet Cruising (Cruise Ship)
Curling Cycling (incidental to the trip)
Cycling (on an organised tour) Dodge Ball
Dragon Boating (inland/ coastal waters) Dune Bashing
Elephant riding Field Hockey
Fitness Training Fishing (inland/ coastal waters) - Sports/ Leisure fishing only – no commercial or rock fishing
Floorball Flying (as a fare paying passenger in a licenced scheduled or chartered aircraft or helicopter)
Football (Soccer) Go Karting
Golf Gymnastics
Horse riding (leisure/ social/ non-competitive) - No racing/ jumping Hot Air ballooning
Ice skating (indoor) Ice skating (outdoor) on a commercially managed rink
Jet boating (inland/ coastal waters) Jet skiing (inland/ coastal – grades 1-3)
Kayaking (inland/ coastal – grades 1-3) Kite boarding (on land or water)/ Kite surfing
Lacrosse Martial Arts training (non-contact)
Motorcycling (on road under 125cc) (Helmet must be worn) – No Motorcycle Touring Netball
Non Manual/ Clerical Work # Orienteering
Outdoor endurance courses up to 3 miles Outward Bound Pursuits
Paint Balling/ Airsoft Parachuting (1 jump)
Parasailing/ Parascending (Over water) Racquetball
Rifle range/ Sports shooting River Boarding/ Hydro Speeding (grades 1-3)
Roller Skating/ Rollerblading Rounders
Rowing/ Sculling (inland/ coastal waters – no white water) Running/ Jogging (up to half marathon distance)
Safari Travel Sandboarding/ Sand Skiing
Sailing (inland/ coastal waters) Scuba Diving (up to 18 metres in depth)
Segway Tours (Helmet must be worn) Skateboarding (ramp, half pipe, skate park, street)
Snorkeling Snowshoeing (Flat Terrain)
Softball Speed Boating (inland/ coastal waters – no white water)
Squash Stand up Paddle Surfing/ Paddle Boarding
Surfing Swimming (pool; enclosed, inland/ coastal waters)
Swimming with Dolphins/ Whales/ Whale Sharks Table Tennis
Tandem Skydive (1 jump) Tennis
Trampolining Trekking up to 2,500 metres
Triathlon up to Sprint Distance Tubing on rivers (grades 1-2)
Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball
Wall Climbing (Man-made Climbing Walls) – No soloing Water Polo
White Water Rafting (grades 1-3) Windsurfing (inland/ coastal)
Yoga Zip Lining
Adventure Pack
Aerial Safari Bicycle Polo
Black Water Rafting (grades 4-5) Bouldering – No soloing
Boxing (training only) Bungee Jumping (3 or more jumps)
Camel Trekking (overnight/ main mode of transport) Canyon Swinging
Canyoning Canoeing (inland/coastal – grades 4-5)
Cycle Touring (No intercontinental touring) Dirt Boarding
Dogsledding (on recognised trails) Elephant Trekking (overnight/ main mode of transport)
Fencing Fishing (outside coastal waters/ deep sea) – Sport/ Leisure Fishing only
Fly By Wire Glacier Walking
Kayaking (inland/coastal – grades 4-5) Kite Buggy/ Kite Wing (land, water)
Land Surfing Marathons
Martial Arts - Judo/ Karate only (training only) Motorcycling (on road over 125cc) (Helmet must be worn) – No Motorcycle Touring
Mountain Biking (off road/ cross country) Outdoor endurance courses up to 8 miles
Outrigger canoeing (inland/ coastal waters) Quad Biking (Helmet must be worn)
Permitted Manual Work * Rock Climbing (outdoor/ traditional/ sport climbing/ bolted/ aid climbing) – No soloing
Roller Hockey Sailing (outside coastal waters)
Scuba Diving (up to 40 metres in depth) Shark Cage Diving
Spearfishing Trekking up to 4,500 metres
Triathlon to Middle Distance Via Ferrata
Volunteering Water Skiing/ Wakeboarding/ Wake Skating (No jumping)
White Water Rafting (grades 4-5) Zorbing
Extreme Adventure Pack
American Football Australian Rules Football (AFL)
Caving / Potholing (as part of a group, not ice; known routes only) Cycle Racing/ Time Trial
Cycling - BMX Flying (as pilot or passenger of a private light aircraft) - No Stunt/ Aerobatics or Commercial flying.
Gaelic Football Gliding
Horse Riding (Equestrian, Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing) Motorcycling/Trail Biking (off-road under 250cc) (Helmet must be worn) – No Motorcycle Touring
Mountain Biking (using downhill trails and/or mechanical lifts) Outdoor endurance courses up to 13 miles
Rugby (League/ Union) Scuba Diving (up to 50 metres in depth)
Tandem Paragliding (1 flight) Trapeze/ High Wire
Trekking over 4,500 metres Water Skiing (Barefoot)

# Non Manual/Clerical World means professional, clerical or administrative work or working as a classroom teacher, classroom assistant, au pair, child-minder, bar and restaurant work.

* Permitted Manual World means general farm work and fruit picking. This includes driving tractors and other similar farm vehicles so long as you comply with any appropriate license requirements; doctor, nurse, midwife and care work (including medical elective trips but not dental elective); light building and DIY e.g. painting, decorating or basic construction work using light power tools only. Permitted Manual Work is not covered if it involves the use of plant/trade/industrial machinery, non-domestic power tools or working at a height of over 2 metres.

Please Note: The above list of activities is subject to the full policy terms and conditions which we suggest you read to ensure you are happy with the cover you elect to arrange.

Are you already travelling?

Can I take out this Insurance if I’m already abroad?

If you are normally a resident of the UK or an EEA Country and your insurance has run out, you may take out cover online with us for Single Trip policies. This is on the understanding that nothing has occurred at the time of taking out the cover which has led to a claim or may lead to a potential claim. Obviously, this insurance will not pay for your belongings if you’ve already lost them, medical bills if you’ve already incurred them or any other events known to exist at the time of arranging cover which might give rise to a subsequent claim. Note, purely as an anti-fraud measure, there is no cover in the first 48 hours after you’ve taken out your policy, except of course in the case where you suffer an injury as a result of an accident.

Please note if you are already travelling, you MUST select this option otherwise your Policy is not valid.

If I take out Insurance and get ill, where will I get repatriated to?

In the unlikely event of this happening, you will be repatriated back to your home country as long as the appropriate geographic premium has been paid and it has been agreed by the 24 hour Emergency Medical Assistance Service.

Please Note: The above FAQ’s are subject to the full policy terms and conditions which we suggest you read to ensure you are happy with the cover you elect to arrange.

Where do you normally live?

Please select one of the options of your Country of Permanent Residence. Please note we can only insure people who are permanent residents of the UK or another country in the EEA.

Your Country of Permanent Residence is the country where you:

  • Are a citizen or a legal permanent resident
  • Have access to medical care in that country through a National Health Insurance Scheme and/or private health insurance
  • Will be medically repatriated to for ongoing medical care if it’s necessary in the event you have a bad accident or becoming very ill on your trip
  • Have unrestricted and unconditional right of entry
  • Have a residential address

Note if you have recently been travelling, we do not have any minimum residency requirements. This means, for example, if you are a British Passport holder and have right of abode in the UK, we are not concerned as to how many months in the past year you have been in the UK provided at the time of arranging this insurance you fulfil all the requirements as set out above.

Choosing your date

When selecting a start date for Multi-Trip policies please note that cancellation cover for any trips will not commence until the start date you choose, therefore the start date of your policy should not be the start of your holiday unless no cancellation cover is required.

Note that for Single Trip policies, cancellation cover is in place from the date you purchase your policy.

Travellers Ages

Please enter your age that you are today. For infants aged under 1, please enter 0 as the age.

Travelling To Caution

Please select where you are travelling to.

Residence Caution

Please choose your country of residence.

Blank Age Caution

Please enter your age.

Min Age Zero Caution

Age cannot be zero.

Caution - Age Check

You have entered the ages of all travellers as below 18 years of age. If this is a mistake please go back and correct this error so you can complete your application.

If the ages should all be under 18 years, please note to enter any sort of financial contract the individual purchasing the insurance must be 18 years of age or older.

By continuing, you are confirming that you a parent or legal guardian on behalf of the child to be insured.

Already travelling Caution

Please check already travelling checkbox.

Important Notice

We are able to offer travel insurance for you if you’ve left home and already travelling but only on the strict understanding that nothing has occurred yet which has led to a claim or may lead to a potential claim.

This means, for example, that if you have already lost an item of baggage, have already seen a medical professional or are feeling ill or have been injured and about to see a medical professional, then this policy will not pay for any part of any claim, and any claim attempted in such situations may be treated as fraud, which is a criminal offence.

There is a 48 hour waiting period before the insurance takes effect as an anti-fraud measure. However, in the event of an injury sustained in an accident which is verifiable, then you are covered from the date cover commenced.

Note there is no 14 day cooling off period when already travelling overseas so no refund of premium will be made in the event you cancel the policy.

Maximum duration Caution

Sorry, the maximum length of a policy you can have is limited to 366 days if you are 50 years or age or more. Please amend your End date to  in order to get a quote.

Please amend your end date accordingly, and remember it's always possible to extend cover with us even if you're still travelling at the end of this period.

Trip Type Maximum duration Caution

Sorry, the maximum length of a policy you can have is limited to 548 days (18 months). Please amend your End date to  in order to get a quote.

Please amend your end date accordingly, and remember it’s always possible to extend cover with us even if you’re still travelling at the end of this period.

Note: If you need 2 years cover, please change your destination to Worldwide including USA & Canada.

World Wide Trip Maximum duration Caution

Sorry, the maximum length of a policy you can have is limited to 731 days (24 months). Please amend your End date to  in order to get a quote.

Please amend your end date accordingly, and remember it’s always possible to extend cover with us even if you’re still travelling at the end of this period.

Maximum Advance Booking Caution

Sorry, you can only start a policy with a commencement date up to 364 days from today’s date, so please amend your start date.


Sorry, due to the fact that the majority of our insurances are for adventurous activities or for backpackers, the maximum age we are able to insure to is 65.

We therefore recommend you visit goodtogoinsurance.com, who are specialists in arranging travel insurance for persons aged over 65. You can go straight to their website by clicking here or you can telephone them on 0330 024 9949.

Start Date Caution

Please select the travelling start date.

End Date Caution

Please select the travelling end date.

Important Notice

We have detected that you are using a computer which doesn't appear to be located in your Country of Permanent Residence.

Please be aware that you must choose the "Already Travelling" option on this page to ensure your policy is valid. Without the Already Travelling endorsement shown on your Policy, the policy is simply not valid and claims may be declined.

You may of course be purchasing this insurance for someone else, or you may be using a Corporate Internet routing through another country which we cannot detect, so if that is the case then please contact The True Traveller by telephone where one of our operators will be pleased to assist.

Start Date Caution

The start date of your insurance is in the past. Please correct the start date.