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Annual Multi Trip

If you travel more than twice a year on holiday or on business trips, it makes sense to get an annual travel insurance policy which will cover you for all your trips.

We have three policies for you to choose from. Our most popular is the Traveller Policy, which allows you to have unlimited trips throughout the year for up to 30 days at any one time. We also have the Traveller Plus policy, with higher medical and cancellation cover, which again allows unlimited trips but with a maximum duration of any one trip of up to 70 days. The True Value Policy is a budget policy which is only available for persons aged under 50 years of age.

You can also add on one of our activity packs. The Traveller Pack comes as standard, and includes 90 regular holiday activities including trekking to 2,500m and Scuba diving to 18m. The Adventure Pack is available for far more adventurous activities, such as trekking to 4,500m, canyoning, rock climbing; even kite surfing! At the top end is the Extreme Adventure Pack, and with this you get cover to trek over 4,500m to any altitude, scuba dive to 50M as well as many other extreme activities.

Other options which are available for you to choose from when you take out your annual travel insurance is to add on Winter Sports cover, which will cover you on your skiing trips for up to 30 days a year (note days don’t have to be consecutive). You can also choose to remove the excess on your policy, and to include Travel Disruption cover, which will give you added protection against natural disasters and civil unrest, which may cause delays to your return journey.

The True Traveller was originally a travel company, not an insurance company, and although we believe we’ve designed the best value annual travel insurance we possibly can, we understand that the price of insurance does put people off taking it out to start with. Our maxim is, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.

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