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Coronavirus FAQ's

Information about Coronavirus and your True Traveller Insurance Policy

For all policies taken out from 00:01 BST on 11 July 2020, full medical, cancellation and curtailment cover is available for pandemics and epidemics including COVID-19, but only if you are travelling to, or are in, any of the specific countries or areas shown on the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) Travel Advice pages as detailed in the Where can I not travel to? Section below. 

If you took out your policy before 13:00 GMT on 16 March 2020 and contract the Coronavirus, True Traveller will cover medical expenses, again only if you are travelling to, or are in, any of the specific countries shown in the FCDO Travel Advice pages as detailed in the Where can I not travel to? Section below.

For all policies, amendments or extension policies issued between 13:00 GMT on 16 March 2020 and 23:59 BST on 10 July 2020 no cover is available for any claims relating to Coronavirus or any mutation of it. All medical cover in relation to any other sudden unexpected illness or accident is covered as normal, as well as all other sections of the policy.

This page will be continually updated as new information becomes available and was last updated on 18 January 2021 at 10:30 GMT.

  • Where can I not travel to?

    Note, this information, as it states above, is only valid for policies purchased before 13:00 GMT on 16 March 2020 or after 00:01 BST on 11 July 2020. For policies issued between 13:00 GMT on 16 March 2020 and 23:59 BST on 10 July 2020, there is no cover for Coronavirus.

    The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advised against all but essential travel due to Coronavirus for every country in the world on 3 July 2020, except for a number of countries (or areas within some countries) listed on their Travel Advice Page. Just go to that page end select the country you’re travelling to. If the country you’re visiting does not have an all but essential warning against it for Coronavirus, then you have full cover, including any claims for Coronavirus.

    For any country which does have a warning for COVID-19 risks, your insurance is still valid, but not any claims for Coronavirus. So, you can still travel to the United States or Spain and be covered for illness, accidents, lost baggage etc., but not if you contract Coronavirus. If you are already in a country and have your insurance with us, and then the FCDO places a warning on that country, which happened to the United Arab Emirates on 12 January 2021, or were in a country before the Exempt List came into being on 3 July 2020 and are still there, then your True Traveller policy will continue to cover you for medical expenses for COVID-19 until you leave that country, or your policy expires, whichever instance occurs first.

    From 5 January 2021, residents of the United Kingdom can only travel abroad for legally permitted reasons, and you can check these for your country by clicking here. Your insurance will be valid for new trips if your trip is being undertaken for any of these permitted reasons. For any customers from the United Kingdom travelling now, there is no requirement to return and your insurance remains valid regardless of your reason for travelling.

    The FCDO has advised against all Cruise Ship Travel. This means we cannot cover you at all for any part of your cruise, including cancellation. Cruise ship travel means staying overnight for at least 1 night on a sea-going cruise ship with people from multiple households, and doesn't include ferries or privately rented boats.

    For any residents of the EEA wishing to visit the United Kingdom, medical cover for Coronavirus is not available at this time, though cover remains available for any other sudden and unexpected illness or accidents requiring medical attention.

  • Can I cancel or curtail my trip?

    Can I claim on my insurance if my destination has confirmed cases of Coronavirus?

    Many countries now have cases of Coronavirus and you can still travel to your destination and shouldn’t need to cancel because of there being new cases. Having confirmed cases of Coronavirus doesn’t necessarily mean the place is unsafe to travel to. In addition, confirmed cases doesn’t take account of someone who has completely recovered, or displayed no symptoms of illness to begin with.

    The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) or the World Health Organisation (WHO) make the decision whether travel to a specific destination is unsafe.

    If you have booked a trip to any other country where there have been confirmed cases of the virus, but where there isn’t currently advice against all travel, then you will still be able to go on your holiday. This also means that you won’t be able to claim for the cancellation of your holiday on your travel insurance because of the coronavirus.

    I have a holiday booked but don’t want to go now due to Coronavirus. Can I claim to cancel my holiday?

    You will be covered if you must cancel your holiday due to Coronavirus if you fulfil all three of the following requirements:

    • The FCDO advises against all travel to your destination (as opposed to all but essential travel)

    • You have purchased a Traveller Plus policy

    • Your policy was purchased before the FCDO advice was issued.

    If your holiday is to an area or a country where these are confirmed cases of Coronavirus, but there is no “against all travel” warning issued then you cannot claim for cancellation on your policy.

    My travel company has cancelled my holiday due to Coronavirus.

    If your travel company has cancelled your trip, then they must refund your monies in full. This is in line with the EU Travel Directive. As regards to your insurance with us, we can change the policy start date as long as the new start date falls within 12 months of the issue date on your current policy with us.

    My airline has cancelled my flights because of Coronavirus.

    Again, if an airline has cancelled your flight, you do have rights. The airline must arrange a full refund or arrange for you to travel your route at the earliest opportunity as this will be part of their Conditions of Carriage.

    We have received a very small number of reports where travel agents or airlines are refusing to refund you, even when they cannot provide the services you contracted with them. This is very disappointing obviously. You can approach your credit card company for them to arrange a refund instead, if you are in the UK, as section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 gives you legal protection if things go wrong. If this is the case, it’s best for you to contact your credit card company directly to make a claim.

    I’m due to enter Canada for my IEC, but my POE letter is about to expire!

    If your POE letter is due to expire, which will mean you will lose your only opportunity to work in Canada, IRCC are extending these dates by 90 days.

    Just go to the IRCC secure messaging system here, and ensure you click the first dropdown to International Experience Canada. Just explain the situation and attach your current POE letter. Currently, IRCC are replying in around 7 days, attaching revised POE letters with an extended entry date for you.

    Do note that effective 8 May 2020, the Canadian Authorities have changed their entry requirements for Working Holiday IEC Candidates in that now you now also now need to have a valid job offer. This used to only apply to Young Professional or International Co-op categories. It is expected that this is a temporary measure due to the job market situation in Canada right now. Click here for further information.

    Your right to cancel the policy

    As stated when you purchased your policy, you have the right to cancel within 14 days, as long as you haven’t travelled, or were already travelling when you purchased the policy, and also haven’t made and don’t intend to make a claim.

    If you want to cancel your policy but have gone over the 14-day cooling off period, we’re unable to offer a refund. Exceptions may be made, for example if there’s a change to your circumstances which means we’re unable to cover your medical conditions.

    Due to the current situation, if after the 14-day cooling off period your plans change and you cannot use the policy, you can change your travel dates up to 12 months ahead of when your policy was issued. If you’d like to change the dates of your trip, you will need to do this before your original trip was due to start. You can also change the area of cover and duration of your policy if you need to. Depending on where you’re going there may be an additional cost, so you’ll need to pay the difference in premium.

    We do need any instructions in writing to arrange a cancellation or a date change, so please just use the Contact Us form on our website.

  • I am away right now. What information do I need to know?

    Am I covered if I catch Coronavirus?

    Yes, but only if you booked cover with us before 13:00 GMT on 16 March 2020 or after 10 July 2020, as detailed above, and also if you are not in an area where the The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has advised against all travel to, or advised against all but essential travel to, due specifically to the Coronavirus, then your insurance will cover any necessary medical expenses, including medical repatriation back to your home country, if medically necessary.

    Please also check the "Where can I not travel to?" section above, as that details the areas where the FCDO have put warnings in place specifically for Coronavirus.

    What do I do if I think I have Coronavirus?

    If you're unlucky enough to catch coronavirus, you need to quickly assess your risk profile. According to the World Health Organization, those with pre-existing heart conditions, respiratory problems or hypertension are at a higher risk of dying from coronavirus.

    Age is also a big consideration. If you are aged 10–40 years old, the mortality rate is just 0.03 per cent, and for most people the symptoms are like a cold, if anything at all.

    The Health Service in the UK (the NHS) advise people to stay inside if you have either:

    a high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
    a new, continuous cough – this means you've started coughing repeatedly

    Do not at this stage go to a Doctors surgery, pharmacy or hospital. You also do not need to phone us either. Just remember to wash your hands with soap and water regularly and cough into a tissue.

    If, after a week, you still have these symptoms, then please call our 24/7 Medical Emergency Assistance Service. Their details are at the bottom of your Validation Certificate and on our claims page.

    As you can imagine, all medical services, throughout the whole world, are working non-stop, and this includes our 24/7 Medical Emergency Assistance Service. Please only call them if it's absolutely necessary as they are dealing with all the medical emergencies they always have to deal with, as well as urgent Coronavirus cases.

    What personal precautions should I take?

    You can mitigate the risks of catching Coronavirus by taking simple and sensible precautions. Just have a read of the advice issued by WHO by clicking here.

  • I have Coronavirus and haven't travelled yet

    Is Coronavirus a pre-existing medical condition for travel insurance?

    Yes, it is. You would need to declare this condition, together with any other pre-existing medical conditions you may have, when taking out your policy online.

    I have been told to self-isolate/self-quarantine by my doctor, am I covered to cancel my holiday?

    If you’ve been told by a health professional to self-isolate, purely as a precaution, you should contact your airline, tour operator, accommodation provider and other carriers to ask about refunds or changing your travel date. Any irrrecovable costs up to the policy limits will be covered by your travel insurance policy under the Cancellation Section, but only if your policy was taken out from 00:01 BST on 11 July and you’ve received a positive COVID-19 test result from a registered medical practitioner in the 14 days before your departure. You will need a copy of your test result to support your claim.

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Your True Traveller Policy is insured by AWP P&C S.A., trading as Allianz Global Assistance, part of the Allianz Group, one of the world’s largest insurance companies.


According to Forbes Magazine, Allianz is even bigger than Alphabet, the company which owns Google and YouTube, so you’ll be in good hands!

Already Travelling – No Problem

If you’ve already started travelling, and you previous insurance has run out, or you simply forgot before you left to take out travel insurance, you can simply apply online and get cover immediately.

Do however note, if you have already lost an item of baggage, have already seen a medical professional or are feeling ill or have been injured and about to see a medical professional, then we can’t help. Insurance is there to assist you in the event that something may happen, not for things which have already happened.

92 Activities as standard

Your Traveller Policy includes 92 activities as standard, which includes Bungee Jumping, Horse Riding, Safari Touring, Scuba diving to 18M and lots more activities you may end up partaking in on your trip. We even include non-manual work if you’re on a Working Holiday, and include bar and restaurant work as well.

We have our Adventure, Extreme and Ultimate Activity Packs you can select when you apply for your Insurance with us, which covers even more activities, to even include Rock Climbing, Trekking to unlimited altitudes as well as light manual labour again if you’re on a Working Holiday.

24/7 Medical Assistance Service

If you have an accident on your trip and end up in Hospital, we have a team at CEGA Assistance who have multi-lingual staff and medical professionals on duty, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call them from overseas on +44 20 7660 1505, or if you’re in the USA or Canada, you can also call toll free on 1 800 961 9870.

They will be able to assist you and get your medical bills paid, and in cases where it’s medically necessary, arrange to fly you back home for further medical attention.

Choose your Activity Pack

The Traveller Pack is included as standard on all our policies. However you can upgrade to more adventurous activities to ensure you are covered when undertaking these activities. If there’s an activity not listed, just contact us and we will see if we can get it included for you.

Traveller Pack
Abseiling Aerobics
Archery Athletics
Badminton Ballet
Banana Boating Baseball
Basketball Black Water Rafting (grades 1-3)
Bowls Bungee Jumping (2 jumps)
Camel riding (day tour) Canoeing (inland/ coastal – grades 1-3)
Caving (sightseeing/ tourist attraction) Recreational Visit only Cheerleading
Clay pigeon shooting Cricket
Croquet Cruising (Cruise Ship)
Curling Cycling (incidental to the trip)
Cycling (on an organised tour) Dodge Ball
Dragon Boating (inland/ coastal waters) Dune Bashing
Walking with Elephants (Riding Elephants not covered) Field Hockey
Fitness Training Fishing (inland/ coastal waters) - Sports/ Leisure fishing only – no commercial or rock fishing
Floorball Flying (as a fare paying passenger in a licenced scheduled or chartered aircraft or helicopter)
Football (Soccer) Go Karting
Golf Gymnastics
Horse riding (leisure/ social/ non-competitive) - No racing/ jumping Hot Air ballooning
Ice skating (indoor) Ice skating (outdoor) on a commercially managed rink
Jet boating (inland/ coastal waters) Jet skiing (inland/ coastal – grades 1-3)
Kayaking (inland/ coastal – grades 1-3) Kite boarding (on land or water)
Lacrosse Martial Arts training (non-contact)
Motorcycling (on road under 125cc) (1) – No Motorcycle Touring Netball
Non Manual/ Clerical Work (2) Orienteering
Outdoor endurance courses up to 3 miles Outward Bound Pursuits
Paint Balling/ Airsoft Parachuting (1 jump)
Parasailing/ Parascending (Over water) Racquetball
Rifle range/ Sports shooting River Boarding/ Hydro Speeding (grades 1-3)
Roller Skating/ Rollerblading Rounders
Rowing/ Sculling (inland/ coastal waters – no white water) Running/ Jogging (up to half marathon distance)
Safari Travel Sandboarding/ Sand Skiing
Sailing (inland/ coastal waters) Scuba Diving (up to 18 metres in depth)
Segway Tours (Helmet must be worn) Skateboarding (ramp, half pipe, skate park, street)
Snorkeling Snowshoeing (Flat Terrain)
Softball Speed Boating (inland/ coastal waters – no white water)
Squash Stand up Paddle Surfing/ Paddle Boarding
Surfing Swimming (pool; enclosed, inland/ coastal waters)
Swimming with Dolphins/ Whales/ Whale Sharks Table Tennis
Tandem Skydive (1 jump) Tennis
Trampolining Trekking up to 3,000 metres
Triathlon up to Sprint Distance Tubing on rivers (grades 1-2)
Ultimate Frisbee Volleyball
Wall Climbing (Man-made Climbing Walls) – No soloing Water Polo
White Water Rafting (grades 1-3) Windsurfing (inland/ coastal)
Yoga Zip Lining
Adventure Pack
Aerial Safari Bicycle Polo
Black Water Rafting (grades 4-5) Bouldering – No soloing
Boxing (training only) Bungee Jumping (3 or more jumps)
Camel Trekking (overnight/ main mode of transport) Canyon Swinging
Canyoning Canoeing (inland/coastal – grades 4-5)
Dirt Boarding Dogsledding (on recognised trails)
Fencing Fishing (outside coastal waters/ deep sea) – Sport/ Leisure Fishing only
Fly By Wire Glacier Walking
Horse riding (overnight/main mode of transport) Kayaking (inland/coastal – grades 4-5)
Kite Buggy Land Surfing
Marathons Martial Arts - Judo/ Karate /Jiu-Jitsu only (training only)
Motorcycling (on road over 125cc) (3) – No Motorcycle Touring Mountain Biking (off road/ cross country)
Outdoor endurance courses up to 8 miles Outrigger canoeing (inland/ coastal waters)
Quad Biking (Helmet must be worn) Permitted Manual Work (4)
Rock Climbing (outdoor/ traditional/ sport climbing/ bolted/ aid climbing) – No soloing/ Sea Cliff/ Ice Climbing/ Big wall climbing Roller Hockey
Sailing (outside coastal waters) Scuba Diving (up to 40 metres in depth)
Shark Cage Diving Spearfishing
Trekking up to 4,600 metres Trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro (5)
Triathlon to Middle Distance /Half Ironman Via Ferrata
Volunteering (6) Water Skiing/ Wakeboarding/ Wake Skating (No jumping)
White Water Rafting (grades 4-5) Zorbing
Extreme Pack
American Football Australian Rules Football (AFL)
Caving / Potholing (as part of a group, not ice; known routes only) Cycle Racing/ Time Trial
Cycling - BMX Flying (as pilot or passenger of a private light aircraft) - No Stunt/ Aerobatics or Commercial flying.
Gaelic Football Gliding
Horse Riding (Equestrian, Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing) Kite Wing (land, water only)
Motorcycling/Trail Biking (off-road under 250cc) (7) – No Motorcycle Touring Mountain Biking (using downhill trails and/or mechanical lifts)
Outdoor endurance courses up to 13 miles Ranching and Ranch activities
Roller Derby Rugby (League/ Union)
Scuba Diving (up to 50 metres in depth) Tandem Paragliding (1 flight)
Trapeze/ High Wire/ Aerial Silks Trekking over 4,600 metres (except Mt. Kilimanjaro - see Adventure activity pack) (8)
Water Skiing (Barefoot)
Ultimate Pack
Climbing (Ice) – No soloing. Hang Gliding
Mountaineering to 6,000M – No cover for free mountaineering, climbing in remote of inaccessible regions, exploratory expeditions or new routes. Parachuting – More than 1 Jump
Paragliding/Parapenting Parasailing/Parascending
Polo/Polocrosse Sea Cliff Climbing – No soloing
Powerbocking Skydiving/Tandem Skydiving – More than 1 Jump
Triathlon to Full Distance /Ironman Ultramarathon – Max distance 250km /No Polar Cover

(1) Note you must have the correct licence in your Country of Residence to drive a motorcycle or cover is not available. If you are from the UK, you are only covered if you have either a full Motorcycle Licence, or in the absence of that you have taken a Compulsory basic training (CBT) course in the past two years. A helmet must be worn when riding a motorbike.

(2) Non Manual/Clerical Work means professional, clerical or administrative work or working as a classroom teacher, classroom assistant, au pair, child-minder, bar and restaurant work.

(3) Note you must have the correct motorbike licence in your Country of Residence to drive a motorcycle or cover is not available. A helmet must be worn when riding a motorbike.

(4) Permitted Manual Work means general farm work and fruit picking. This includes driving tractors and other similar farm vehicles so long as you comply with any appropriate license requirements; doctor, nurse, midwife and care work (including medical elective trips but not dental elective); light building and DIY e.g. painting, decorating or basic construction work using light power tools only. Permitted Manual Work is not covered if it involves the use of plant/trade/industrial machinery, non-domestic power tools or working at a height of over 2 metres.

(5) Note Mt. Kilimanjaro is included within the Adventure pack, even though the summit, Uhuru Peak, is at an altitude of 5,895 metres, due to the level of claims experience. For all other treks over 4,600 metres, the Extreme activity pack must be selected.

(6) Volunteering means your participation in community or wildlife based conservation/project work when arranged by a professional organisation. This may include caring, teaching or nursing. It may also cover community/charity based supervised building/renovation projects or other Permitted Manual Work, provided the activity does not involve the use of plant/trade/industrial/agricultural machinery (other than tractors), non-domestic power tools or working at a height of over 2 metres.

(7) Note you must have the correct motorbike licence in your Country of Residence to drive a motorcycle or cover is not available. A helmet must be worn when riding a motorbike.

(8) Trekking over 4,600 metres exclude rock climbing at altitude. This is covered by Mountaineering in the Ultimate Pack. However, trekking will include peaks such as Mera Peak and Island Peak in Nepal, as these are treks and no mountaineering skills are required for these summits.

Please Note: The above list of activities is subject to the full policy terms and conditions which we suggest you read to ensure you are happy with the cover you elect to arrange.

Are you already travelling?

Can I take out this Insurance if I’m already abroad?

If you are normally a resident of the UK or an EEA Country and your insurance has run out, you may take out cover online with us for Single Trip policies. This is on the understanding that nothing has occurred at the time of taking out the cover which has led to a claim or may lead to a potential claim. Obviously, this insurance will not pay for your belongings if you’ve already lost them, medical bills if you’ve already incurred them or any other events known to exist at the time of arranging cover which might give rise to a subsequent claim. Note, purely as an anti-fraud measure, there is no cover in the first 48 hours after you’ve taken out your policy, except of course in the case where you suffer an injury as a result of an accident.

Please note if you are already travelling, you MUST select this option otherwise your Policy is not valid.

If I take out Insurance and get ill, where will I get repatriated to?

In the unlikely event of this happening, you will be repatriated back to your home country as long as the appropriate geographic premium has been paid and it has been agreed by the 24 hour Emergency Medical Assistance Service.

Please Note: The above FAQ’s are subject to the full policy terms and conditions which we suggest you read to ensure you are happy with the cover you elect to arrange.

Where do you normally live?

Please select one of the options of your Country of Permanent Residence.

Your Country of Permanent Residence is the country where you:

Note due to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, and the EU not providing financial equivalence to the UK, we have had to temporarily suspend sales to permanent residents of the EEA. If you already hold a policy with us, your policy will continue as normal. Only new sales are affected, not the performance of existing policies.

Our application to become authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, but we are expecting this process to be completed by February 2021, when again we will be able to arrange sales to all permanent residents of the EEA.

Start and End Dates

The Start Date is the date you leave your home to start your trip, or the date you want cover to start if you're already travelling.

The End Date is the date you expect to return home, or the date you expect to reach your destination if you need one-way cover.

Travellers Ages

Please enter your age that you are today. For infants aged under 1, please enter 0 as the age.

Travelling To Caution

Please select where you are travelling to.

Residence Caution

Please choose your country of residence.

Blank Age Caution

Please enter your age.

Blank Age Caution

Please add the age textbox through spinner plus sign to enter traveller age.

Min Age Zero Caution

Age cannot be zero.

Caution - Age Check

You have entered the ages of all travellers as below 18 years of age. If this is a mistake please go back and correct this error so you can complete your application.

If the ages should all be under 18 years, please note to enter any sort of financial contract the individual purchasing the insurance must be 18 years of age or older.

By continuing, you are confirming that you a parent or legal guardian on behalf of the child to be insured.

Already travelling Caution

Please check already travelling checkbox.

Important Notice

We can offer travel insurance for you if you've left home and already travelling but only on the strict understanding that nothing has already happened which has led to a claim or may lead to a potential claim.

This means, for example, that if you have already lost an item of baggage, have already seen a medical professional or are feeling ill or have been injured and about to see a medical professional, then this policy will not pay for any part of any claim, and any claim attempted in such situations may be treated as fraud, which is a criminal offence.

To prevent fraudulent claims, cover will not commence until 48 hours after the policy has been purchased, and any illness or injury occurring in this waiting period will be considered a pre-existing condition and will not be covered. However, should you suffer a serious injury in an accident in this 48-hour period, which is verifiable by an Independent Witness, then you will be covered from the date cover commenced.

Note there is no 14-day cooling off period when already travelling overseas so no refund of premium will be made in the event you cancel the policy.

Maximum duration Caution

Sorry, the maximum length of a policy you can have is limited to 366 days if you are 50 years or age or more. Please amend your End date to  in order to get a quote.

Please amend your end date accordingly, and remember it's always possible to extend cover with us even if you're still travelling at the end of this period.

Trip Type Maximum duration Caution

Sorry, the maximum length of a policy you can have is limited to 548 days (18 months). Please amend your End date to  in order to get a quote.

Please amend your end date accordingly, and remember it’s always possible to extend cover with us even if you’re still travelling at the end of this period.

Note: If you need 2 years cover, please change your destination to Worldwide including USA & Canada.

World Wide Trip Maximum duration Caution

Sorry, the maximum length of a policy you can have is limited to 731 days (24 months). Please amend your End date to  in order to get a quote.

Please amend your end date accordingly, and remember it’s always possible to extend cover with us even if you’re still travelling at the end of this period.

Maximum Advance Booking Caution

Sorry, you can only start a policy with a commencement date up to 364 days from today’s date, so please amend your start date.


Sorry, but since the majority of our insurances are for adventurous activities or for backpackers, the maximum age we are able to insure to is 65, as for our sort of business mix we’re unable to get rates from Underwriters for ages above this.

For residents of the UK, we recommend you telephone International Travel and Healthcare on Freephone 0800 848 8448 as they can insure persons aged 66 and above. You can also get an online quote by clicking here.

International Travel and Healthcare is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 433367).

Start Date Caution

Please select the travelling start date.

End Date Caution

Please select the travelling end date.

Important Notice

We have detected that you are using a computer which doesn't appear to be located in your Country of Permanent Residence.

Please be aware that you must choose the "Already Travelling" option on this page to ensure your policy is valid. Without the Already Travelling endorsement shown on your Policy, the policy is simply not valid and claims may be declined.

You may of course be purchasing this insurance for someone else, or you may be using a Corporate Internet routing through another country which we cannot detect, so if that is the case then please contact The True Traveller by telephone where one of our operators will be pleased to assist.

Start Date Caution

The start date of your insurance is in the past. Please correct the start date.

Cover for Coronavirus

All new True Traveller policies now include medical, cancellation and curtailment cover for Coronavirus, subject to there being no Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) travel warning for Coronavirus for the country or area you are travelling to.

The FCDO list all countries on their Travel Advice page. Just select the Country you are travelling to, and if there is an “all but essential travel warning for COVID-19” shown at the top of the summary, this means your True Traveller policy has no cover for Coronavirus but will provide you with medical cover in relation to any other sudden unexpected illness or accident, as well as cancellation and curtailment cover for an event unrelated to Coronavirus.

For further information about the Coronavirus and your True Traveller policy, please click here.

Automatically Covered Pre-existing Medical Conditions

If you have any of the pre-existing medical conditions listed below you are automatically covered on this insurance and you do not need to declare any of these conditions.

Provided the following requirement is met, the list of automatically covered medical conditions are:

Note your travel insurance will not pay for any medication or treatment which may be required to be continued during your trip to control any of these Automatically Accepted Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, for example the costs of Inhalers if you suffer from Asthma, or the cost of your regular check-ups you may need to have to monitor Diabetes. However, your travel insurance will cover the cost of any emergency medical treatment which may be required because of a change in your condition.

Allergies limited to Rhinitis, Chronic Sinusitis, Eczema, Food Intolerance and Hay Fever
Arthritis (the affected person must be able to walk independently at home without the use of mobility aids)
Asthma, providing that you:
  • have no other lung disease
Bell's Palsy
Benign Positional Vertigo
Breast Cancer/Prostate Cancer provided you:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Coeliac Disease
Congenital Blindness
Congenital Deafness
Cystitis (providing there is no ongoing treatment)
Diabetes Mellitus and/or Diabetes (Type 1)*, providing that you:
Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2), providing that you:
Dry Eye Syndrome
Enlarged Prostate (benign only)
Essential Tremor
Folate Deficiency
Gastric Reflux
Hiatus Hernia
If you suffer from more than one of the following three conditions, you must complete the online medical screening and declare all conditions.
Hypercholesterolaemia (High Cholesterol)*, provided that you do not also suffer from a known Cardiovascular Disease and/or Diabetes
Hyperlipidaemia (High Blood Lipids)*, provided that you do not also suffer from a known Cardiovascular Disease and/or Diabetes
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)*, provided that you do not also suffer from a known Cardiovascular Disease and/or Diabetes
Insulin Resistance
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Ligament or tendon injury (provided you are not currently being treated).
Macular Degeneration
Meniere's Disease
Nocturnal Cramps
Pernicious Anaemia
Plantar Fasciitis
Raynaud's Disease
Sleep Apnoea
Sinusitis (providing there is no ongoing treatment)
Solar Keratosis
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Trigger Finger
Underactive Thyroid (Hypothyroidism)
Varicose veins in the legs
Vitamin B12 Deficiency

*Diabetes (Type 1), Hypertension, Hypercholesterolaemia and Hyperlipidaemia are risk factors for Cardiovascular Disease. If you have a history of Cardiovascular Disease and it’s a pre-existing medical condition, then you must declare these conditions online.


The policy definition of an Immediate Relative is Mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, daughter, son, grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, step-parent, step-child, step-brother or step-sister.

Depreciation Guide

The following is the guide our claims handlers use on settling claims for lost, stolen or damaged articles:

Item & Depreciation Guide
Bags/suitcases,"High street” jewellery, items containing semi-precious metals or stones, cosmetic jewellery such as cubic zirconia and "everyday" watches and any other miscellaneous items.
Age of item(s) Depreciation Level
0 - 12 months 0%
1 - 2 Years 10%
2 - 3 Years 20%
3 - 4 Years 30%
4 - 5 Years 40%
Then an additional 10% for each year. Over 11 years old the depreciation level is 100%
Age of item(s) Depreciation Level
0 - 12 months 0%
1 - 2 Years 10%
2 - 3 Years 30%
3 - 4 Years 50%
4 - 5 Years 70%
Over 5 Years 100%
Ski Equipment
Age of item(s) Depreciation Level
0 - 12 months 0%
1 - 2 Years 25%
2 - 3 Years 50%
3 - 4 Years 75%
Over 4 Years 100%
Age of item(s) Depreciation Level
0 - 6 months 0%
6 - 12 months 50%
Over 12 months 100%
Electrical valuables e.g. Laptops, Tablets, Computers, Kindles, Mobile Phones & Cameras
Age of item(s) Depreciation Level
0 - 12 months 0%
1 - 2 Years 25%
2 - 3 Years 50%
3 - 4 Years 65%
4 - 5 Years 80%
Over 5 Years 100%
Quality Jewellery (18ct and 22ct gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies etc) and watches such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling etc.
No Deduction made
Pro-Rata Replacement Costs

So, if your camera cost you £250 and it’s under a year old (and you have relevant receipts for it, or other proof of ownership), you can claim for £250 (less any excess unless you have the excess waiver). If, however, it’s between two to three years old, you’ll only be able to claim £125 (as there’s a 50% deduction for wear and tear), but if it’s over five years old, any claim would fail.