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Extend your Insurance

So you’re still travelling, but your insurance is about to expire! If your cover has already expired or you’ve bought cover with another insurance company, you will have to get new insurance by using the "Get a Quote" engine on the left, and when you get to the Policy Options page, just say yes to the "Already Travelling" option.

If you’ve bought your insurance from The True Traveller, we can extend any Single Trip or Backpacker policy you have bought by up to a year. Basically as you are an existing client, you get a 10% discount from the regular rates displayed on the website. However, this discount is only applicable if your extension is equal to or less than the total duration of insurance you have already bought from us, up to one year. So, if you’ve bought a policy from us for 17 days and want to extend it by a year, you can do it but no discount will be applied. However, if you originally bought a year’s cover from us, you can extend that up to another year and get the 10% discount.

Remember, you must extend your current policy before it expires to get the discount. Once it’s expired, you have to pay the regular rate as well as the “Already Travelling” option.

Please complete the details below and we will respond within 24 hours with the revised premium, and a secure link to enable you to pay. Your revised Certificate will then be e-mailed to you.

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In order to extend your insurance order it is essential that we have an accurate email address.

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Change of Health
If there has been any change to your health since the date your original insurance policy was purchased or if you have previously disclosed a medical condition to the insurer’s medical screening helpline then you MUST contact the medical screening helpline on +44 330 660 0563 to confirm cover.